“Hagoromo” Play

羽衣 - 宣材写真

“Hagoromo” – An Invitation to a Mystical World

“Hagoromo” brings ancient legends to life on stage and symbolizes the elegance and mystique of Noh theater. Please enjoy the harmony of beautiful storytelling and dance on this special day.

“Hagoromo” Story Synopsis

One spring morning at Miho no Matsubara, a fisherman named Hakuryo discovers a splendid feather robe. Intending to treasure it, he is approached by a celestial maiden claiming it as hers, necessary for her return to the heavens. Initially reluctant, Hakuryo is moved by the maiden’s sorrow and agrees to return the robe on the condition of witnessing her dance.

Adorned in her feather robe, the maiden performs a breathtaking dance, representing the lunar palace and the springtime pine grove, captivating Hakuryo with its beauty. Upon completing her dance, the maiden ascends towards Mount Fuji, disappearing into the mist.

This tale imparts the splendor of the heavens and the marvels of nature. The celestial dance symbolizes peace and the vista of spring, offering dreams and hope to the audience. Hakuryo’s change of heart highlights the importance of kindness. This age-old story teaches us the significance of beauty and benevolence.

Appreciating Noh Theater

The beauty of Noh lies in the harmony of stillness and motion. “Hagoromo” features the celestial maiden’s graceful dance and the fisherman’s passionate expressions. We hope you will appreciate the delicate beauty of Noh through this performance.

Hagoromo Summary Video

This video introduces the summary of Hagoromo.
Through this video, please experience the deep charm of Hagoromo.
(Duration: 4 minutes 46 seconds)

Introducing Subtitle Tablets

  • Modern language translations and lyrics: Automatic scrolling subtitles during the performance to aid understanding of the story.
  • Comprehensive information: Covers the synopsis, characters, and highlights of the performance.
  • Animated videos: A 3-minute video that provides a clear introduction to the story.
  • English translations available: Enjoy the world of Noh in English too.
  • Easy operation: A simple interface that is user-friendly for everyone.

For an enriched experience, try our subtitle tablets! (Available on a first-come, first-served basis)

Hagoromo Subtitles

This is a slideshow of subtitles displayed on a tablet.

Theater Etiquette

  1. Please refrain from photography during the performance.
  1. Keep cell phones silent or turned off.
  1. Look forward to taking photos in the photo session after the performance ends. Create wonderful memories.

Performance Information

Date: March 3rd (Sunday) starting at 3:00 PM
Prices: Reserved seating – General 3,000 yen, Students (elementary, junior high, and high school) 1,000 yen
※Not suitable for children not yet in school
・Includes a commentary, performance, and photo session (available for viewing and participation after the performance)
・Tickets can be purchased on our website.

To apply: http://confetti-web.com/yarai-hagoromo
Phone: 0120-240-540 (Weekdays 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM)

Yarai Noh Theater
60 Yaraicho, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo 162-0805
TEL: 03-3268-7311
Open irregularly, contact hours from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Closing Message

We eagerly await your visit to “Hagoromo,” a performance that opens the door to the world of Noh.

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